Meeting with Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy patient representatives and researchers

On March 1st, LGMD patient representatives Şenay Kundakçı and Pınar Bahçıvan, Assoc. Prof. Nadir Koçak and Lecturer Dr. Özkan Bağcı from Selçuk University and Neurology Specialist Dr. Asuman Ali from Bursa Training and Research Hospital visited us at IBG.

IBG Director Prof. Bayram Yılmaz, RareBoost ERA Chair Prof. Uğur Özbek and Director of Neuro-Genomics Laboratory Asst. Prof. Yavuz Oktay joined the discussions.

The discussions focused on the current LGMD treatment options and development of gene-/cell-based therapies for LGMD. The dialogue also delved into the research efforts in Turkey, underlining the urgency to amplify such studies. A significant point of the discussion was the potential reduction in the lifetime financial and social burden of the disease through innovative treatments. Representatives of LGMD patients conveyed their support for these future-oriented initiatives.

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