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RareBoost is a Horizon 2020 ERA Chairs program-funded project at Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center.

RareBoost project aims to transform IBG into an international Center of Excellence in research and innovation on rare diseases.

Izmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (IBG), is a recently established advanced biomedical research center, which is exceptional in Turkey in regard to its infrastructure and research personnel.

One major research focus of IBG is rare diseases, which are approximately twice as prevalent in Turkey than in other ERA countries. IBG’s efforts in this field were recognised by the European Commission awarding IBG the prestigious Horizon 2020 ERA Chairs grant (#952346).

Within this RareBoost project, funded with 2.5 million €, the ERA Chair holder will lead IBG’s ‘Unit for Rare Diseases’ for up to six years and guide our rare disease research efforts towards an international level of excellence in research and innovation.

The Rare Diseases Unit of İzmir Biomedicine and Genome Center (IBG) aims to establish a key center for research, innovation, and knowledge sharing in the field of rare diseases. IBG intends to create an extensive collaborative network on rare diseases, involving various stakeholders such as basic and clinical researchers, industry partners, patient organizations, media representatives, and policymakers. Embracing a multidisciplinary approach among different stakeholder groups in collaboration will contribute to a more comprehensive and effective solution in understanding, diagnosing, and treating rare diseases.

Basic and Clinical Researchers, Industry Partners: IBG collaborates with basic and clinical researchers to better understand, diagnose, and improve treatment methods for rare diseases. This collaboration facilitates more effective sharing of scientific findings and the development of new treatment approaches. Partnerships with industry stakeholders serve as a crucial bridge in the development and marketing of new treatment methods. IBG leverages industry expertise and resources to support innovations in the treatment of rare diseases.

Patients and Patient Associations: IBG collaborates with patients and patient associations to collect and organize the most up-to-date findings, diagnosis, and treatment methods related to rare diseases. Through this collaboration, the goal is to present the information obtained in a clear and accessible manner to all patients and their families. The contributions of patients and patient associations are crucial for gaining more insights into research and developing more effective strategies in the fight against diseases.

Media and government personnel: IBG collaborates with the media to better understand rare diseases within society. Additionally, awareness campaigns targeting political decision-makers emphasize the importance of rare diseases and aim to increase policies and support for these conditions. In this way, the goal is to raise awareness across society and contribute to the development of policies related to rare diseases.

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